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December GoodieTrain 2009
"The Holiday Train Freebies"

Please read my TOU's

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The Goodie Train is leaving it's station

The train officially takes off on the 1st of each month
so be sure to pop back then.

Note: For the HolidayTrain, I made 3 different kits
Get your goodie below, and enjoy it!

Saved on PSP format

FullSize Kit......  4Shared     Or ..... MediaFire


FullSize Papers.....  4Shared    Or ..... MediaFire

TaggerSize Kit......  4Shared    Or ..... MediaFire

(different elements than fullsize)
TaggerSize Kit 1
The Kit

TaggerSize Kit 2
The Kit

Tagger Pappers.....  4Shared    Or ..... MediaFire

Other Elements......HERE

Other QuickPages......HERE

Other XMasElements......HERE

Other XmasPapers.....HERE

For other Christmas and Winter Scrapkits......HERE

I made this ScrapKit for
The Holiday Train

This is one blog train you won't want to miss!

† Stop by the Official Blog to follow us so you won't miss out on anything!

For the month of December,
The Goodie Train becomes The Holiday Train
TY Cora for all your work and for this great idea!

So, come follow us and take a ride
as there's a lot of freebies showering this time

Here the ColourPalette

The rest of the Train

At the Main Train Station

Dont 4get to stop by every station...
I think you'll just LOVE their works! sure to leave a little love where you download.
Remember: We are not all on the same time zone
so the kits may not all be available at
the same time, so please just keep checking!
Enjoy your stop!

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