Tutorial PSP - Make Butterfly Ripples

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This tutorial was written using PSP9
but may be done with other versions,
and assumes you have a good working knowledge of PSP and its tools.

Supplies needed:


Redfield - Ripples Magic
You can get demo HERE
and its Presets Here  and  Here

AlienSkin EyeCandy5 - Impact - Glass (optional)

You can find other butterflies >HERE


Download and save the 2Flower like deformations presets
to your Redfield plugin folder
Set your Foreground to  #353333  -  #fbf8eb
and Background to  #f5edd8  -  #e2c78a  -  #be9f3e

Remember to save often!

Let's begin!!

1 - Open a new image 400x400 pixels

Open your Preset Shapes tool, choose Ellipsis,
Set foreground to Null, background to #f5edd8 and draw this shape:

Convert to Raster Layer

Duplicate it
Effects 3D - Cutout

Duplicate the cutout layer

Return to the body layer

Adjust - Add/Remove Noise - Add Noise

Layer - Merge Visible  
rename as: body

2 - Open again your Preset Shapes tool Ellipsis

 Draw a circle like below:

 Convert to Raster Layer

Duplicate it
Effects 3D - Cutout

Duplicate the cutout layer

Return to the head layer

Add Noise with the previous settings

Close the body layer

Make sure you have the head layer active

Layer - Merge Visible  
rename as: head

Layer - Arrange - Move Down

Return to the body layer
Make sure you have it active

**Open the MagicWand tool
with this settings:

and click as below

Adjust - Brightness and Contrast - Gamma Correction

Or if you prefer change all settings to 0,4

Selections -Select None**

Return to the head layer and repeat from **..... to **

3 - Now draw the Feelers/Horns

Open your Pen Tool with the settings below

and with the foreground to #353333
and the background Null
draw a small horn like this

 Convert to Raster Layer
If you like, you can add a little circle at the end too
rename as: horn1

Layer - Arrange - Send to Bottom

Effects 3D - InnerBevel

Duplicate it
Image - Mirror
and place as the finished work

Put your work aside for a time!

4 - Open a new image 450x450 pixels

Open your Selection tool - Circle with Feather=0
draw a circle like this

set your foreground to #fbf8eb and Background to #be9f3e
Set the gradient to Foreground/Background as below:

and flood fill your selection

Selections - Select None

Adjust - Hue and Saturation - Colorize

Effects - Plugins - Redfield - Ripples Magic
and choose Flower 08

Edit - Copy

Return to your precedent work

5 - Edit - Paste as New Layer
Layer - Arrange - Send to Bottom

Make sure you have your flower layer active

Open your Freehand Selection with Feather=0
Draw like below

Selections - Promote Selection to Layer
Selections - Select None

Close the flower layer
and rename the promote selection layer as fly
Duplicate it

Image - Mirror
and place as finished work

Now if you like, you can apply the
Impact - Glass - Clear(default settings)
to the body and the head
and a little shadow to the other elements

When you are satisfied with it,
And all pieces are in the right position
(see my finished image)

Layers - Merge Visible

and save as .pspimage or .png


 Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.
If you have any questions, please write a message in to my Contatti

Written on May 2009  

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