Tutorial PSP - How to Make an Envelope
for Christmas Time

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This tutorial was written using PSP9
but may be done with other versions,
and assumes you have a good working knowledge of PSP and its tools.

Supplies needed: ==> HERE

Note: where you can find some XMas images

Plugins: Alien Skin Xenofex2 - Burnt Edges
I.C.NET Software - Filters Unlimited 2.0

You can find some plugins:  ==> HERE

You can find some XmasEnvelope ==> HERE


Set your Foreground to Null
and Background to #800080

Remember to save often.

Let's begin!!

First we draw our envelope

1 - Create a New Transparent Image 600x500 pixel - 200 DPI
Raster Background checked - 16 million colors

Click to Rectangle Tool on your left
and set your Rectangle Tool Optionas follow:
-Mode: Draw Rectangle
and make sure -Creates Vector and -Show Nodes are checked.

Choose a color, I used #800080,
and draw a free rectangle, then set as below :

Rename Layer env1
Your image should look like this

Layer - Duplicate
and rename the duplicate as env2
close this layer and return to env1,
make sure it is selected

2 - Click to Object Selection Tool

select, rotate and place your rectangle as below:

3 - Add a new Vector Layer
Click to Pen Tool,
change your background color to #730073
and draw a triangle as below:

Rename as env3

Note: I used a different color for all layers,
just to highlight how our envelope is drawn

so return to env2
make sure it is active and change color to #c000c0

Your image should look like this:

Now we can develop our envelope:

Close levels env2 ed env3
Click to env1 level

4 - Select it with ObjectSelection tool
and change color to white
or another of your choice

Layer - Convert to Raster Layer

Effects - Plugins - Alien Skin Xenofex2 - Burnt Edges
setting as below

5 - Close env1 and enclose env3

Repeat step 4

Your image should look like this:

6 - Enclose env2
change color to #efe8de

Layer - Convert to Raster Layer

Effects - Plugins
I.C.NET Software - Filters Unlimited 2.0 - Paper Textures - Japanese Papers
setting as below

click Apply

Repeat step 4

Your Envelope is ready!

What do you say to embellish it with some Christmas image?

Let's move on!

Open a Xmas image of your choice
copy, return to your envelope
make sure to be placed on the level env3
and paste as new level
resize it if necessary
and place as the finished work

When you are satisfied on it
add a text and your watermark

Layer - Merge - Merge Visible
and save as .png


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
If you have questions or need clarification
post a message to my Contacts.

Written en English and Italian at the end of May 2013

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