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Copyright © Charlieonline.it 2002 - 2024
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Tutorial written by ©charlieonline graphics
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This tutorial was written using PS Cs5
but may be done with other versions.
It would take a little basic knowledge to run it.

My 1 tutorials in PhotoShop

I have to thank Dona & Kath
from Learning-Photoshop-Group
This Tutorial was never born without their teaching!

Supplies needed.....Here

My ch-Style-ps2.asl
Mist Tiger_CarlBrenders. png by Elya


Art by ©CarlBrenders
The image by CarlBrenders_GhostlyQuiet.....Here


Brushes by Coby17 and Szuia

Flowers or Swirls or Leaves brushes HERE  or  HERE



Plugins: the PS default filters Texture


Extract and place my  ch-Style-ps2.asl to your Styles Folder
in Win xp pro is to:
C:\Documents and Settings\Windows User\AplicationData\ Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS5\Presets\Styles

Open the image CarlBrenders_GhostlyQuiet.jpg and
Tiger_CarlBrenders.png in PS and minimizze it.

Set your Foreground color to white
and Background  to #fef8d4

Let's begin!?!?!

1 - Open the image CarlBrenders_GhostlyQuiet
you have minimized

Image - Duplicate
and close the original

In the Layer Palette Right click on the layer
and select the option Layer from Background
Name it CarlBrenders Copy

Create a new layer by clicking the button  
on the top of your Layer palette
Name it Perspective

Select the Rectangular Marquee Tool with this settings

Click into your image
on the point between top 190 & side 50
to make your selection

Let go off the mouse button

Select your Paint Bucket Tool
make sure your Perspective layer is highlighted

fill the selection with the foreground color White

Keep Selected!

Select - Modify - Contract by 8 pixels

Hit the Delete key on your Keyboard

Select - Deselect

2 - Edit - Transform - Perspective
from the Photoshop Menu bar

Click and drag the bottom-right handle and move it down,
until you get the result as shown below

Press the "Enter" button on the keyboard
to apply the adjustment

Edit - Transform - Distort

Click and drag the middle-right handle and move it out
just a little bit, until you get the result as shown below

Press the "Enter" button on the keyboard

Now if you like we can apply a Style to the Perspective Frame

If you like use mine, so.......

3 - Duplicate the Perspective Layer
leave the default name Perspective Layer Copy

Go to the Styles Palette and look for my ch-Style-ps2.asl

Make sure your Perspective Layer Copy is highlighted
and click on my ch-Style-ps2 in the Styles palette

Layer - Smart Object - Convert to Smart Object

Layer - Rasterize

Hide the CarlBrenders Copy layer by clicking
the eye icon next to it in the Layer Palette

Layer - Merge Visible
Name it Perspective frame

Unhide the CarlBrenders Copy layer

4 - Select your Magic Wand Tool setting as below

and Click in a point inside the frame

Hilight CarlBrenders Copy layer

Select - Modify - Contract 3 px
Select - Invert

Hit the Delete key on your keyboard

Select - Deselect

Your image should be like this

Layer - Merge Visible

5 - Open the Tiger_CarlBrenders. png 

and with the Rectangular Marquee tool
draw a selection around it

Edit - Copy

Return on your working image

Edit - Paste

Place it by clicking on your Mover tool on the left
and with your cursor, move it in the right position,
just above the tiger

Remember: You can use your arrow keys on your keyboard
to nudge it one pixel at a time,
but you must have your Mover tool selected to do that.

Use the finish work as example

This is what mine looks like now

Put your work aside for a time!

6 - Create a new image setting like this:

switch the Foreground/Background colors

and fill your image with the foreground #fef8d4

Go up to Filter tab menu, down to Texture,
then over to Texturizer
and set the window opens like this:

Click OK

Add a New Layer

7 - Change your foreground colour alternatively to #aaa474 and #e4b475
and others at your choice

Select the Brush Tool from your ToolBox

Reset the brushes and load the Basic Brushes if you have not in

Use the drop down arrow beside the brush tip preview window  
to see the brush tip previews.
Use the arrow in the right hand corner  
of the brush tip preview window, to show the sub menu.
Select: Load Brushes
Look for the Flowers or Swirls brushes you saved
and alternating your colors, brush your image something like this

Note: I thing it is better you add a new layer for every brush you draw out
so you can move them at your like

Layer - Merge Visible
Rename as Background

Return to your precedent work

8 - With the Rectangular Marquee tool
draw a selection around it

Edit - Copy

Return on your working image

Edit - Paste

and Place it as the finished image
Layer - Duplicate

Layer - Merge Down

Rename as Tiger

Now we go to add a little Drop Shadow

Make sure you have Tiger layer highlighted

9 - At the bottom of the Layer Palette click the fx button,
and from the flyout click on Drop Shadow.

Change your settings as in the picture below

Click ok

Layer - Merge Visible

If you like add a little border

Add your watermark, and save as .jpg


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
If you have questions or need clarification
post a message to my Contacts.

Written at the end of August 2010

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