Tutorial PSP - How to create a XmasPlate

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Copyright © Charlieonline.it 2002 - 2024
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This tutorial was written using PSP9
but may be done with other versions,
and assumes you have a good working knowledge of PSP and its tools.

Supplies needed:

My ch-goldplate.... a Chrome preset
A XmasImage of your choice or that I used
A gold pattern
Download==> HERE

PluginsAlienSkin EyeCandy5 - Impact - Chrome

You can find other XmasPlates ==> HERE


Extract and save the ImpactCrome Preset
to your AlienSkin EyeCandy5 - Impact - Chrome folder:
C:\Programmi\Jasc Software Inc\Paint Shop Pro 9\Plug-in\Alien Skin\Eye Candy 5 Impact\Settings\Chrome

Extract and save the gold pattern in your Psp Pattern Folder

Open and minimize your Xmas Image to your Psp workspace

Set your Foreground to the gold pattern (size 100 - angle 0)
and Backgroundto white

Remember to save often.

Let's begin!!

1 - Open a New Transparent Image 500x500 pixel

Click on your Preset Shapes Ellipsis - Circle Tool on the left

With the Foreground set to the gold pattern (size 100 - angle 0)
and Backgroundto white

draw out a circle on the middle of your canvas
as the following setting

Your image should look like this

Convert to Raster Layer

2 - Click on your Selections tool set at Circle, (Feather 13 , Antialias checked)
and draw out a Circle starting right in the middle at 250,250

Your image should look like this

leave the mouse

Selections - Invert
Effects 3D - Drop Shadow as follows

Selections - Select none

3 - Click on your MagicWand Selection tool setting as below:

and select the gold border

Effects - Plugins - Eye Candy 5 Impact - Settings - Chrome
In the settings look for  ch-goldplate presets
click ok

Keep Selected!

Adjust - Brightness and Contrast - Gamma Correction

Selections - Select none

Add a new Raster Layer

4 - Click again on your Selections tool Circle (Feather 13 , Antialias checked)
and draw a circle starting right in the middle at 250,250
As the following image

leave the mouse

Below what you have to get

5 - Open your Xmas image, Copy

Return to your working image and Paste Into Selection

Selections - Select none

Note: I lowed the Opacity to 65 but you can change it as you like

Layers - Merge Visible

6 - Now if you like, you can apply a little shadow to the plate

I use this settings:

7 - Add your text and yourwatermark or name
and save as .pspimage
or if you prefer as .png


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
If you have questions or need clarification
post a message to my Contacts.

Written en English on November 1st 2009
and en Italian on November 2nd 2009

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